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Qatari newspapers: The Arab position at the “Cairo Peace Summit” was rejecting any attempt to displace the Palestinians


Qatari newspapers published today, Friday, confirmed that the Arab position in the wake of the Cairo Peace Summit, which Egypt recently hosted, was clear and strong, rejecting any malicious attempt by any party to liquidate the Palestinian cause at the expense of the Palestinian people and the peoples of the countries of the region, or to displace the Palestinian people. outside its territory in any way as a grave violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime.

Al-Raya newspaper stated – in its editorial under the title (No to liquidating the Palestinian cause) – that the occupation authorities benefit from the endless support of their allies who deal with the events in Gaza with double standards, in light of its imposition of comprehensive collective punishment on the residents of the stricken Gaza Strip, depriving them of water and electricity. and humanitarian aid.
The newspaper referred to the joint statement issued by the State of Qatar and a number of Arab countries, in which it was emphasized to support the steadfastness of the brotherly Palestinian people in Gaza, and to condemn individual or collective forced displacement, as well as the policy of collective punishment, and to condemn and reject the targeting of civilians, and all acts of violence and terrorism against them.
She added, “The Palestinians will not be displaced again from their homeland, nor will they be distributed to neighboring countries to absorb them, but they will remain in their land, defending it and their right to establish their independent state on their soil on the borders of June 4, 1967, with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital, without neglecting what they are suffering from.” The Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank are responsible for the crimes of the occupation.”
In conclusion, Al-Raya stressed the importance of the international community, especially the Security Council, assuming its responsibilities in order to strive to achieve peace in the Middle East, and to make rapid, real and collective efforts to resolve the conflict and implement the two-state solution on the basis of relevant United Nations resolutions.

For its part, the English-language newspaper “The Peninsula” considered in its editorial today under the title “Peace is Indivisible” that the tragic situation that the Gaza Strip is currently experiencing symbolizes a colonial regime that has not shown any willingness to change its doctrine, mentality, or notions of superiority, ignoring the principle. The basic principle of equality between human beings.
The newspaper stated, “The colonizer continues to assert his right to move with impunity, and considers the lives and property of the oppressed Palestinian people to be worthless, not to mention their right to live in peace on their land and enjoy their political and basic human rights.”
The newspaper saw that human rights, international laws, and humanitarian principles, which were a subject of global pride, have become among the prohibited topics that only a few people dare to mention in relation to Israel… noting that the continuous bombing and displacement of Palestinians, in addition to the support of the United States and other countries In Europe, it reveals a feeling of frustration in dealing with the Palestinian issue as envisioned by these parties.

In a related context, Al-Watan newspaper confirmed that the killing and destruction that the Gaza Strip is going through these days has never been witnessed before except in World War II.
Al-Watan stated – in its editorial today under the title (Unprecedented Crimes) – “The assault continues, the suffering is increasing, and the Israeli demolition and sabotage does not stop. When will the international community move to force the brutal Israeli military machine to stop its ongoing aggression that is claiming the lives of innocent people in the Gaza Strip, and the failure of The Security Council, in voting in favor of two resolutions on the situation in the Gaza Strip, reflects the lack of a real international will to put an end to the military operation carried out by the occupation, despite its flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.
She added, “This failure puts a big question mark over the credibility of the Security Council and its ability to carry out its main mission of maintaining international peace and security.”

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