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Receiving 2,889 ships in the ports of the northern region during 2022-2023


The Suez Canal Economic Zone stated that the ports of the northern region, “East and West Port Said and Al-Arish”, witnessed a noticeable increase in ship traffic and handling of containers and goods during the past fiscal year 2022/2023, as they received 2,889 various ships, an increase of 6%, with a total tonnage of 48,509 million. Thousands and 585 tons of energy achieved, an increase of 23% over the previous year 2021-2022.

The region stated – in a statement today, Wednesday – that the containers amounted to 4 million and 113 thousand and 473 equivalent containers, an increase of 9%, noting that the West Port Said port received 492 thousand and 599 equivalent containers and 1234 various ships with a realized capacity of 4 million and 754 thousand and 617 tons.

She added that East Port Said Port received 1,566 various vessels with a verified capacity of 43,395,353 tons, 3,620,874 equivalent containers, while Al-Arish sea port received 89 ships during the same year to export bulk goods to foreign markets, with a verified capacity of 359,615 tons. Bulk goods exports are expected to increase in the coming period after the completion of the development process witnessed by the port of Al-Arish.

The Suez Canal Economic Zone succeeded in localizing a new service that adds to the authority’s successes in expanding in the field of marine services, which is the ship supply service, whereby ship supply operations are carried out on the port berths in parallel with the loading, unloading and handling of containers on ships and berths.

It is noteworthy that the economic zone is always working to develop its berths in order to accommodate new generations of giant ships to attract international shipping lines to use these berths and attract various investments to the economic zone and its ports.

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