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Red Sea ports handle 19,000 tons of general and various goods


The Red Sea Ports Authority stated that 19,000 tons of general and various goods, 665 trucks, and 572 cars were handled at its ports, in addition to the arrival and departure of 1,770 passengers, noting that the total number of ships on the port berths amounted to 8 ships.

The authority added – in a statement today, Wednesday – that the imports amounted to 7 thousand tons of goods, 389 trucks and 524 cars, while the movement of exports included 12 thousand tons of goods, 276 trucks and 48 cars.

She explained that the port of Safaga received the ferry (Amal) and the two ships (Freedom 2, Poseidon Express) left, while 1,400 tons of goods and 160 trucks were handled through shuttle trips (arrival and departure) of the two ships (Ayla and Bridge) at the Nuweiba seaport.

She indicated that the ship (SEA WAVE) arrived at Port Tawfiq with 420 cars on board, weighing 840 tons, coming from Jeddah, and the ship (GOLD LUCKY) left with 5 thousand tons of flour on board, bound for Yemen.

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