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Red Sea ports handle 40 thousand tons of general and miscellaneous goods


The media center of the Red Sea Ports Authority announced that the total number of ships on the authority’s berths was 10 ships, and 40,000 tons of general and miscellaneous goods were handled, 459 trucks and 382 cars. The import movement included 34,000 tons of goods, 178 trucks and 367 cars, while the export movement included 6,000 tons of goods, 281. Truck and 15 cars.

Today, the port of Safaga is preparing to receive the ship DEBI coming from Jebel Ali to ship phosphate and the departure of the two ships Al Hurriya, while yesterday the port received the ship CHIOS VICTORY with 31,500 tons of aluminum on board coming from Australia and the ferry Amal, and the port of Nuweiba is witnessing the circulation of 2,450 tons of goods and 182 trucks through shuttle trips ( Arrival and travel) of three ships: Queen Nefertiti, Ayla and Bridge. Port Tawfiq Port is also preparing today to receive the ship ALHUSSEN with 339 cars weighing 678 tons on board coming from Jeddah.

The Authority’s ports recorded the arrival and departure of 860 passengers at its ports.

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