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Redcon Commercial and Administrative Centers changes its brand to “Redcon Properties”


Redcon Group of Companies announced that it has changed the brand name of its company specializing in real estate development to become “Redcon Properties” instead of “Redcon Commercial and Administrative Centers.” This change aims to expand the company’s scope of work to include all categories of real estate projects and enhance its strategic position as a leading company in creating sustainable communities in the real estate development sector.

This step comes as part of the Redcon Group’s strategy to expand in the construction and development sector, based on the experiences of the parent company “Redcon Development” extending for more than 30 years, as Redcon Properties will continue this path in the field of real estate development to make sustainability a basic pillar of all its work, which will include residential communities. And mixed-use projects in a number of distinguished locations throughout Egypt, with the aim of developing integrated and sustainable urban communities.

Engineer Tariq Al-Gammal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Redcon Properties, commented that the expansion of the company’s business scope and changing the brand represents a new beginning for the company to grow in the field of real estate development, in continuation of the great success it has achieved in establishing administrative and commercial centers, and in an effort to develop more innovative projects. And sustainable, in line with the group’s history in the Egyptian market.

Ahmed Abdullah, Vice Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors, also confirmed that changing the company’s brand will be followed by new projects with huge investments, as the company plans to increase its land portfolio with distinct locations, to repeat the distinguished success that the company has currently achieved in its first project, “Golden Gate,” as the first multi-sustainable project. Use, as the company seeks to contribute to the advancement of the sustainable construction system, in line with the development goals of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The company’s new brand reflects its values ​​of innovation, inclusion and sustainability, through which it aims to develop future communities and become a catalyst for change towards sustainability in the real estate sector, by raising awareness of the gains of sustainability and building smart communities that achieve its principles by applying technological solutions in every detail of its projects.

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