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Report: 6.5 billion people suffered from high temperatures last July


A recent report warned of the dangers of rising global temperatures, as the report, reported by the Los Angeles Times, showed that 81% of the world’s population was affected by the heat in July.

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According to the report released by the nonprofit news organization Climate Central, July’s warming was felt by nearly 6.5 billion people – or 81% of the world’s population, with 4,700 cities experiencing record high temperatures in July.

The report said: The month of July was the hottest on the planet, as four out of every five people were affected by heat on a daily basis throughout the month of July. The report considered that the significant rise in temperatures in July would not have occurred without climate change.

According to the report, the peak of the rise in temperatures reached on July 10, when 3.5 billion people witnessed an unprecedented rise in heat, and the report continued: Human activity and thermal emissions led to climate change, which in turn led to higher temperatures.

“What’s happening now is completely abnormal,” Andrew Pershing, vice president of science at Climate Central, said during a news conference. atmosphere, which leads to a rise in temperature.

And previously, research issued by World Weather Attribution said: The extreme heat waves that hit the southwestern United States, Europe and China simultaneously in July would not have been possible without climate change, and the study found that global warming resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels led to an increase in the temperature of the heat wave. The European wave is 4.5 degrees, the wave in the United States and Mexico is 3.6 degrees higher, and the wave in China is 1.8 degrees.

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