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Report: Western double standards towards the Gaza war under the microscope


In its report, The Conversation website touched on the issue of Western double standards and their reappearance in the atmosphere of the current war between Israel and the Palestinians, specifically in the Gaza Strip.

The report said that in the days following Hamas’s launch of its operation against Israel, on the seventh of this month, European and North American governments, with the exception of a few of them, were quick to provide a unified and firm message of support for Tel Aviv.

The message “contains at least four overlapping elements, namely: that Israel is the victim of a terrorist attack that it did not carry out a provocative act that led to it, that Israel has the right to defend itself, that the West fully stands with Israel against the barbaric violence of the Palestinians, and that Hamas was the one who initiated the attack.” The hostilities forced Israel to use force, while hiding behind civilians, and therefore the blame falls on it, whether partially or completely, for causing the killing of all civilians on both sides.

The website talked about “the work of political, media, and educational institutions in the West to marginalize and silence the Palestinians and their supporters,” considering that this is “an issue that is not linked to the right wing or the centrists, but it also occurs across the political spectrum. Leftist policies that claim to be non-racist often remain hostile to Palestinian voices.” “.

The report notes: “For years, the anti-Palestinian narrative has permeated the West, according to which all types of support for Palestine are rooted in violence and driven by hatred of all Jews, and thus in the name of fighting racism, Palestinians and their supporters are condemned, and even criminalized.”

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