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Stocks lose 157 points


Yesterday, the main Saudi stock index closed down by 157.79 points, to close at 11478.28 points, with transactions worth 5.3 billion riyals.

The volume of traded shares amounted to 204 million shares, in which the shares of 75 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 138 companies closed in decline.

The shares of: Medgulf Insurance, Al-Baha, Naseej, Tobi, and Al-Khaleej Training companies were the highest gainers, while the shares of: Catering, Almarai, Cooperative, SADAFCO, and SABIC for Agro-Nutrients were the lowest in transactions, with the rise and fall rates ranging between 6.54% and 7.95. %.

While the shares of the companies: Americana, Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Baha, Shams, and Saudi Kayan were the most active in quantity, as were the shares of: Al-Rajhi, Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Anma, Al-Ahly, and Saudi Aramco were the most active in value.

And the Saudi parallel stock index (growth) closed down 153.47 points, to close at 24561.68 points, with transactions worth 50 million riyals. The volume of traded shares amounted to more than 5 million shares.

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