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Study: The ancient Egyptians were the first to use precious stones to make precious jewelry


A recent study published in the Journal of the American Institute of Physics revealed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to use distinctive gemstones (such as amazonite and emerald) to make precious jewelry, according to the Emirati English-language newspaper, The National.

The study showed that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a huge treasure of authentic mineral deposits dating back to the oldest geological ages of the earth and distinguished from their counterparts in other regions of the world.

The study said that the Middle Eastern origins of some of the precious jewels were traced in an innovative step by the researchers, who used a technique that has the potential to unlock the backstory of the precious stones, including those found in the royal crown jewels.

Gems from ancient mines were analyzed using modern spectroscopy to provide unprecedented insight into historical trade routes, and researchers were able to decipher the gem’s past and journeys, unlocking previously hidden history.

Study author Adel Sorour said: “Precious stones such as emeralds and peridots have been excavated since ancient times. For example, royal crowns in Europe are decorated with exotic gemstones originating from either Africa or Asia.”

The new approach enables accurate distinction between natural and synthetic gemstones and provides a deeper understanding of their respective properties.

Some gemstones have provided a window into historical trade routes thanks to their special basic composition and atomic composition, which act as a kind of fingerprint identification. They are a huge treasure trove of mineral deposits found in present-day Egypt and Saudi Arabia that date back to Earth’s earliest geological ages.

“We showed the main spectral characteristics of gemstones from these sites in the Middle East to distinguish them from their counterparts in other regions of the world,” said Sorour.

The team focused on different silicate stones such as emeralds from Cleopatra’s mines in ancient Egypt, as well as other stones from historical sites dating back to the Roman era.

The study was able to conclude that specific gemstones including amethyst, peridot, amazonite, and emerald are originally from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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