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Supply campaigns continue in Giza markets.. 30 thousand packs of cigarettes were confiscated last month


Sultan al-Najjar, head of central control at the Giza Supply Directorate, said that 23 monitoring campaigns are being launched daily on markets in all food and non-food sectors, pointing to the confiscation of 30,000 cigarette packs during last July, between selling at more than the price and selling without invoices and cigarettes of unknown origin. .

Al-Najjar added, during his statements, that records of the incident were drawn up and referred to the Public Prosecution Office until a decision is made on it. In the event that the cigarettes are valid, they are then sold in the official market at the official price.

Al-Najjar added that 500 violations of subsidized municipal bakeries have been issued for underweight or disposing of flour, stressing that the Giza Supply Directorate continues daily monitoring campaigns to control the markets.

On the other hand, Mohieddin Ismail, Director of Central Control at the Giza Supply Directorate, confirmed that a plan has been put in place to intensify control over the worst during the month of August, by conducting campaigns throughout the day by control inspectors.

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