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The administrative judiciary determines the term for adjudicating the applications of the Supreme Administrative Court


The Administrative Judicial Council, in its session held today, headed by the President of the Board of Grievances and Chairman of the Administrative Judicial Council, Dr. Khaled bin Muhammad Al-Youssef, issued a decision setting the criterion for the term of adjudication of applications submitted to the Supreme Administrative Court to 120 days from the date of their registration. The decision of the Administrative Judicial Council included that the standard be reduced gradually in terms of dismissal periods until it reaches 120 days during the next six months, as the Supreme Administrative Court possesses distinguished judicial expertise and trained administrative cadres, and the techniques required for its work to achieve this standard through what has been determined for it. Time, to ensure the acceleration of litigation at the highest and most important stages of administrative litigation, while preserving the quality of its outputs.

It should be noted that the Board of Grievances has announced a reduction in the terms of adjudication of cases in the year 2022 AD to 41% in the administrative courts of appeal and 50% in the administrative courts compared to the year 2020 AD, as it exceeded its strategic objectives for the year 2025 AD, and the reduction of the periods of adjudication of cases and requests is one of its most important strategic goals. by which he measures the temporal level of performing his trials.

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