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The Cairo Chamber discusses increasing Egyptian-Indian trade and investment exchange


The Cairo Chamber of Commerce, headed by Ayman Al-Ashry, received the commercial attaché of the Indian Embassy in Egypt to discuss ways to increase joint trade and investment exchange.

Sayed Al-Nawawi, Vice President of the Cairo Chamber, received the Indian Commercial Attaché, where the two sides discussed ways to increase joint cooperation during the coming period, which would lead to increasing the volume of Egyptian-Indian trade and investment exchange in various fields.

Sayed Al-Nawawi said that the Egyptian political leadership is strongly supportive of increasing Egyptian foreign economic relations, which gives us a great opportunity to discuss new horizons with all countries, including India, with which we have great historical relations and have commercial dealings in various activities.

Al-Nawawi noted the importance of discussing all the obstacles that may face the increase in Egyptian-Indian economic relations, leading to an increase in the volume of joint trade exchange and facilitating procedures for exporters and importers from the two countries to discuss the demands of the two markets and seek to meet them, especially since Egypt has been importing meat from India for a long time, pointing out that The importance of increasing coordination between the chamber and the embassy and providing all the necessary data to support bilateral economic relations.

This came at a time when the Indian Commercial Attache stressed the need to increase cooperation between the embassy and the Cairo Chamber and discuss any obstacles in order to facilitate an increase in joint trade and investment exchange, and that the embassy is fully prepared to intervene and solve any obstacles that may be encountered without increasing the volume of joint trade and investment exchange.

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