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The conclusion of the press release writing course in Asir agriculture


The press release writing course for employees of the institutional communication and media departments in the branches of the ministry and some leaders of general managers and directors of important departments was concluded in the branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Asir region, which was organized by the Agricultural Training Center in Jazan region, with the participation of approximately 30 trainees from the ministry’s employees.

The course included many concepts of writing press news and the importance of journalistic drafting, as well as the characteristics and characteristics of the news. The course included practical and theoretical training on correct professional writing for the media.

The course was characterized by an explanation of many important details in preparing the news, such as the composition of the news, accuracy, objectivity, seriousness, accurate professional wording, real information, the art of communicating with the media professionally and building a strong and intelligent relationship with them, in addition to the need for complementarity and skill in writing the meaningful and brief press headline, the importance of spelling and linguistic correction before sending the news and answers to the 6 interrogative questions at the beginning of the news and activating the inverted pyramid theory by starting writing with the most important and the least important, and the importance of the image that is considered a thousand words.

The course lasted for 5 days in the theater of the Ministry’s branch in Asir, and it was presented by the supervisor of media affairs in the office of the Director General of the Ministry’s branch in Asir Region, Yahya Jaber, who specializes in journalism and media.

The Acting Director General of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Asir region, Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohsen, praised the course and the trainees, and the ministry’s interest in developing the skills of its employees in all fields, including media and institutional communication.

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