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The Egyptian General Authority for Standardization and Quality participates in the Second Forum for the Dairy Industry


Dr. Khaled Sofi, Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Standardization and Quality, emphasized the role played by the authority in developing the dairy industry and its products through issuing Egyptian standard specifications and their compatibility with international references and specifications, which aims to increase the production capacity of dairy producers and their products, and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products in local markets. And international, noting that the Authority issued, through the Technical Committee for Dairy and Dairy Products, approximately (54) standard specifications for dairy products, which are based on international references issued in this regard.

Sophie explained to me that the dairy sector is one of the important food industries, including some products such as Damietta cheese, which the city of Damietta is distinguished by producing, and which must be protected with a geographical indication mark to distinguish and protect it from the rest of the dairy products produced in countries of the world.

The Minister of Trade and Industry Decision No. 166/2022 was issued regarding the formation of a technical committee to prepare descriptive standard specifications for traditional foods and foods protected as a geographical indication, which is composed of many relevant stakeholders.

The Egyptian General Authority for Standardization and Quality participated in the second dairy industry forum at the Damietta Chamber of Commerce under the title “A New Era for Food Safety,” which was held in the presence of Dr. Manal Awad, Governor of Damietta, Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Dr. Tariq Al-Houbi, President of the National Authority. For food safety, Dr. Hamdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of Damietta University, Doaa Salima, Executive Director of the Industrial Modernization Center, and Engineer Abdel Moneim Katilo, Head of the Dairy Manufacturers Division at the Damietta Chamber of Commerce and a representative for Engineer Ashraf Al-Gazzarily, President of the Food Industries Chamber.

During the forum activities, Engineer Hanan Fouad, Director of the Food Standards Department, gave a presentation on the role and tasks of the Authority in the dairy sector, which includes many important points, including how to develop a food standards plan and the most important ministerial decisions related to the food sector, also pointing out the binding items in the Egyptian standard specifications, Engineer Noha Mohamed Attia, member of the Technical Secretariat of the Dairy and Dairy Products Committee, also participated in a presentation on the most important standard specifications issued in the field of dairy and dairy products and their references, and explained the importance of these standard specifications in cheese industries.

Dr. Zainab Massad, member of the Technical Secretariat of the Packages and Data Committee at the Standards and Quality Authority, also noted that the Authority is currently amending Standard Specification No. 1546 regarding “Data on Packaged Food Products Labels,” which includes many provisions for writing the date of manufacture, packaging, and expiry date on the data card for food products, as well as Many items related to the food products industry.

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