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The European Union summit calls for establishing humanitarian corridors to deliver aid to Gaza


The draft statement of the European Summit, held Thursday in Brussels, Belgium, said that European Union leaders will express their deep concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

According to what reported from a draft of the European summit statement, EU leaders called for the establishment of humanitarian corridors to deliver aid to Gaza.

On Thursday, European Union leaders will discuss the conflict between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinians, and the summit held in Brussels will witness the first meeting in person of the leaders of the 27-nation bloc since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation.

The Israeli occupation announces a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip

In a related context, the Israeli occupation army announced, on Thursday, that Israeli ground forces carried out a relatively large incursion into the Gaza Strip during Wednesday night.

The Israeli occupation army published a statement with a video clip in which it said: In preparation for the next combat phases, the Israeli army operated in northern Gaza, and IDF tanks and infantry struck many cells, infrastructure, and anti-tank missile launch sites in the Strip.

Occupation Army Radio reveals the objectives of the ground incursion

Army Radio said that the Israeli ground incursion aimed to attack Hamas positions.

Israel has spoken more than once about the possibility of launching a ground attack on Gaza, and has mobilized its forces on its border with the besieged Strip.

Gaza is subjected to violent Israeli air attacks, which led to the death of thousands, and is believed to be a prelude to a ground attack.

Israel calls in more than 300,000 reserve soldiers

Israel called in more than 300,000 reserve soldiers, many of whom work in local technology companies, and with the mobilization of an estimated 15% to 20% of technology sector employees, the survey, which was conducted on a sample of 500 technology companies, showed that more than a quarter of them were damaged. From a shortage of key personnel and difficulties in raising financing.

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