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The Minister of Commerce is discussing with the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology opportunities to enhance joint industrial cooperation


Eng. Ahmed Samir, the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, met with Mr. Mohamed Fatih Kajer, the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, within the framework of the minister’s current visit at the head of a high-level delegation to the Turkish capital, Ankara. The meeting reviewed ways to enhance joint industrial cooperation, especially in the fields in which Egypt and Turkey enjoy With long experience and qualifications to achieve a breakthrough in the level of industrial cooperation.

During the meeting, the minister stressed the importance of intensifying joint work to activate cooperation mechanisms and enhance communication between the bodies and authorities concerned with industry in Egypt and Turkey, pointing out that the two sides propose signing a joint memorandum of understanding dealing with issues of industrial cooperation, transfer of technical expertise, technical training, university and pre-university education, industrial investment and agricultural processing.

Samir referred to the possibility of setting up a mechanism for joint cooperation for manufacturing in Egypt and exporting to various countries, especially since Egypt enjoys a system of trade agreements concluded with a large number of countries and economic blocs, which provides many preferential advantages for companies exporting abroad.

The minister pointed out that the meeting discussed opportunities for technical, professional and technological cooperation in centers of excellence and innovation, and the possibility of establishing a Turkish industrial zone in Egypt, as well as discussing the exchange of experiences and technologies in some industries that Egypt seeks to localize, such as the automotive industry and its feeding industries.

Samir explained that the two sides discussed the possibility of developing a joint plan until June 2024 for opportunities, sectors and areas of priority for joint cooperation, especially in the sectors of furniture, carpets and chemical industries, in addition to discussing the possibility of entering into joint industries with the Turkish side in several fields.

The minister reviewed the industrial investment opportunities available in Egypt, especially in the fields that were identified as promising investment opportunities to bridge the gaps in local production and localize the industry, which were identified by the Industry Modernization Center.

Samir noted the importance of cooperation between the authorities concerned with standard specifications in the two countries, benefiting from the Turkish industrial experience in cooperation with the Center for Industry Modernization, and working to re-run the Ro-Ro line between Egypt and Turkey to facilitate the inter-trade system, pointing to the possibility of establishing a working group that includes officials of the two ministries to enhance cooperation and coordination in related fields. common interest.

The minister invited his Turkish counterpart to visit Cairo in the near future to follow up on the results of this visit and review future cooperation files and projects between the two countries, pointing to the importance of developing a joint industrial cooperation plan for a period of 5 years to activate the efforts of both sides with regard to food industries, pharmaceuticals, and the production of electric batteries, including Contributes to meeting the needs of the Egyptian and Turkish markets and exporting to the markets of the countries of the African continent within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

For his part, Mehmet Fatih Kajer, Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, affirmed his country’s keenness to strengthen joint cooperation relations with Egypt in various fields and at all levels, noting that the visit of the Egyptian delegation to the capital, Ankara, paves the way for the start of a new phase of economic cooperation between the two countries.

The minister welcomed the proposal to establish a joint working group that includes officials of the two ministries to coordinate on issues of common interest and contribute to achieving economic integration between Egypt and Turkey, pointing to the importance of including the authorities concerned with export and import control in the two countries within the proposed working group.

He pointed to the importance of strengthening industrial and technological cooperation between the two countries, especially since Turkey owns 354 industrial zones, and the contribution of the industrial sector to the Turkish gross domestic product is 27%, amounting to $240 billion, pointing to the importance of taking advantage of all opportunities for joint industrial investment and cooperation in the fields of new and renewable energy. Including solar and wind energy.

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