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The Minister of Housing issues a decision to remove encroachments in the Marina El Alamein Center..and various campaigns in the cities of El Shorouk and 6th of October


Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, issued a decision to remove the encroachments established within the boundaries of the Tourist Villages Authority in the “Villa” unit (distinctive model) in Area 22 of the Marina El Alamein Tourist Center, which is to include a green flat for the unit from the eastern side and the tribal side, without a license.

The decision stipulated that the Tourist Villages Authority, with the assistance of the Reconstruction Police and the relevant police department, would implement the decision.

In a related context, Eng. Ali Saad, Head of Al-Shorouk City Development Authority, stated that an extensive campaign was launched to review the position of vehicles and heavy equipment operating in the city, as the campaign roamed the main and secondary roads with the participation of the city’s reconstruction police department.

The head of the Al-Shorouk City Authority stated that the campaign resulted in the seizure and release of 7 violations, including 2 mixers and 2 loaders, working without a permit, as well as 3 “tricycle” scrapers. They were taken and kept at the agency’s headquarters, and legal procedures were completed against the violators.

Engineer Ali Saad, head of the Al-Shorouk City Authority, added that the immediate removal committee, with the participation of the construction police force, was able to stop two building violations in their infancy. The building materials prepared for the purpose of the violation, and the commencement of implementation, in one of the plots of land in the second district, as well as the removal of the violating walls outside the building ratio in a plot of land in the seventh district, buildings, and the building tools and materials were seized and legal measures were taken against the owners of the violations.

The head of the El-Shorouk City Authority called on the owners of the plots to adhere to the building conditions, not to implement violating works, and to direct investment in construction according to the licenses in order to preserve savings and not fall under the law, stressing not to tolerate violations and deal with them decisively, in order to ensure the civilized facade of El-Shorouk City.

Engineer Adel Al-Najjar, head of the 6th of October City Development Authority, said that an extensive removal campaign was launched, on the northern and southern sectors, to remove building violations, targeting one of the compounds in the northern sector, and resulted in immediate removal of an increase in the structural percentage of the surface of the roof rooms of residential buildings No. 22, 23, 24, 12.

Al-Najjar added that a campaign was launched in the southern sector of the city, targeting the first neighborhood, and resulted in the removal of studios in violation of the licensing conditions for plot No. 394 in the second neighborhood, as well as stopping the conversion of activity from residential to commercial in violation of the conditions behind plot No. 397.

In a related context, “Al-Najjar” directed the continued monitoring, follow-up and seizure of violating cars and pumps that operate without a license and to take organized legal measures in this regard, as the security traffic campaigns targeted the eastern sector, and resulted in the seizure of a pump and a pump (operating without a permit) in the twelfth neighborhood in West Sumid. All legal measures are being taken against the driver and the owner of the pump.

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