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The Minister of Industry meets his German counterpart to discuss ways to strengthen economic relations between the two countries


At the beginning of his visit to the German capital, Berlin, Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, met with Robert Habeck, German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The meeting reviewed ways to enhance joint economic relations, developments in the global economic situation, and a number of files of common interest.

The meeting also discussed ways to support and increase German investments in Egypt, where the Minister of Trade and Industry presented a list of targeted investment projects prepared by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, numbering 152 projects, as well as the incentives that the state will provide to foreign companies, especially German ones. The German Minister stressed the interest of his ministry and its affiliated bodies in promoting these projects. Within the German business community.

The meeting also reviewed plans to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and double the numbers achieved, noting that Egyptian merchandise exports to Germany have exceeded the one billion euro barrier for the first time in the history of bilateral economic relations between the two countries.

In a related context, the Egyptian delegation participated in the activities of the celebration organized by Germany, marking the 25th anniversary of the launch of the managers’ training program and 10 years since Egypt began benefiting from the program. The Minister affirmed in his opening speech – delivered on his behalf by Dr. Jihan Saleh, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister – that the program represents… It is a successful model of joint cooperation between Egypt and Germany and reflects the level of distinguished partnership between the two countries, noting that the program represented, over ten years, a bridge of communication between Cairo and Berlin, as well as between the Egyptian and German peoples and between Egyptian industry and German industry.

He added that the program reflects the importance and strength of bilateral cooperation between the two countries and its impact on individuals, the business communities and the economies of the two countries, pointing out that the program has contributed, over the course of 10 years, to the graduation of a large number of distinguished Egyptian managers who have fundamentally contributed to strengthening the capabilities of the national industry by benefiting from German industrial expertise. The big one.

Samir pointed out that the program contributed to the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two countries, pointing out the importance of strengthening joint efforts between the two countries through the managers’ training program and the Joint Economic Committee to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth for both the Egyptian and German economies.

The minister pointed out that the managers’ training program contributed to increasing the trade exchange equations between the two countries, which reached 5.5 billion euros last year, compared to about 5.1 billion euros in 2021, an increase of 7%, indicating the importance of working to enhance the intra-trade movement between the two countries by enhancing cooperation. What is common between the two sides, especially through the managers’ training program, which represents an effective mechanism for constructive cooperation between the business communities in Egypt and Germany.

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