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The Minister of Public Business Sector reviews real estate development projects and maximizing use of the lands of the Nasr Housing Company


As part of his field follow-up on developments in the implementation of various projects and in order to be present among workers and communicate directly with them, Dr. Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of the Public Business Sector, continued his ongoing field tours and yesterday, Thursday, he visited Al-Nasr Housing and Development Company, affiliated with the Holding Company for Construction and Development, in the presence of Engineer Hani Othman, President of the company. Holding Company, and Engineer Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, President of Al-Nasr Company, to determine the progress of work, the rates of project implementation in the Mokattam area, and the modernization and development plan, especially with regard to marketing policy and sales systems, as well as how citizens are received at the main headquarters for customer service, the extent of commitment to standards of time, quality, and good dealing, and to review the results of the work achieved in The state’s general policy framework to improve the management and exploitation of assets and maximize their returns.

Dr. Esmat inspected the giant project to develop Mokattam Corniche and the new expansions and areas required to be included in the project within the framework of the state’s plan to develop the region and reorganize it as an integrated cultural outlet to improve the lives of citizens and raise their standard of living, and adherence to the time map for implementation and completion of the project work in light of the approvals and licenses issued by the concerned authorities. The tour included sales, marketing and citizen service centers at the company’s headquarters, and included dialogues with a number of customers to explore the results of employee training programs and investment in human capital and their impact on performance development.

Dr. Mahmoud Esmat reviewed the work plan and investment map for projects in the Mokattam, October, and Fifth Settlement areas, and the strategy for reducing costs, maximizing resources, and managing the land portfolio in partnership with the private sector through development investment projects, within the framework of the general plan for sustainable development, as well as developing the legal system, which includes preventing infringements and concluding Contracting with investment partners and clients, entering into the field of work as real estate developers for others, and investing in the client base and the accumulated experience of employees.

Dr. Mahmoud Esmat stressed that the strategy within which we work aims to achieve maximum benefit from assets, improve their management, and maximize economic returns from them, which contributes to supporting efforts to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development through flexible work plans in terms of presenting and delaying priorities and dealing with developments within the framework of that partnership. With the private sector, it is one of the most important indicators of success in this file thanks to the experience it possesses in the field of real estate development and the financial portfolio necessary for the success of projects, indicating that the construction sector affiliated with the Ministry has the assets, expertise, and human cadres that enable it to achieve success and occupy its natural position in the real estate development market. In light of the development and restructuring plan that is being implemented, and its positive impact on the financial situation of companies and their financial and marketing policies, he pointed out the development of a complete vision for the advancement, growth and development of this system within the framework of the state’s plan to achieve sustainable development and good asset management.

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