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The Ministry of International Cooperation concludes the youth employment project in Mediterranean ports in cooperation with the European Union


The Ministry of International Cooperation concluded the project “Youth Employment in Mediterranean Ports, YEP MED”, funded by a grant from the European Union and implemented within the framework of the “Cross Border Cooperation for the Mediterranean Basin for the Years ENI CBC MED” program, which was implemented in many countries, including Spain, Italy and Lebanon. Tunisia, France, and Jordan.

The project, implemented within the framework of cooperation between Egypt and the European Union, has contributed to achieving many important results, on top of which is the creation of job opportunities in the blue economy sector, by creating a port ecosystem that includes a number of major companies in the port logistics sector, which allows the absorption of a greater number of jobs. And maximizing the possibility of raising the capabilities of those qualified to work through TVET, vocational and technical education and training, and thus the ports are linked to international trade through modern port logistics and transportation networks, in addition to achieving environmental and sustainability standards.

Over the course of the project’s implementation period, 7 port authorities and logistic centers and 14 training centers in the field of vocational and technical education (TVET) benefited from the project’s activities, in addition to 600 small and medium-sized companies operating in Mediterranean ports, in the various countries benefiting from the project.

For her part, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, stated that the cross-border cooperation program in the Mediterranean region is one of the important programs for cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the European Union, under the European Neighborhood Instrument, with the participation of 14 countries with the aim of promoting sustainable development, enhancing competitiveness, innovation and inclusiveness. Pointing out that the general objective of the program is to promote fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and regional development, which may enhance cross-border integration and value the regions of the participating countries, with the aim of promoting economic and social development, and facing common challenges in the environment.

The Minister of International Cooperation stressed the importance of relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the European Union, as one of the strategic development partners, and the fields of cooperation vary at all levels, including the transport, water, agriculture, small and medium enterprises, renewable energy, civil society and capacity building, pointing to the positive developments and partnerships signed between The two sides recently agreed to contribute to advancing development efforts, especially at the green transition level.

It is worth noting that the project was implemented within the framework of the program “Cross Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin for the years 2014-2020 – ENI CBC MED”, which represents the largest cross-border cooperation initiative implemented by the European Union under the European Neighborhood Instrument. The program brings together the coastal areas of 14 countries with the aim of promoting just and equitable development on both sides of the Mediterranean. Through calls for proposals, ENI CBC Med finances cooperation projects for a more competitive, innovative and inclusive Mediterranean region.

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