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The most prominent scenarios for the coming period regarding the Russian-Ukrainian conflict


The Asia Times highlighted the ongoing battles in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, noting that more fighting could lead to the end or expansion of the war, pointing out that with Russian hardliners being the strongest candidates to succeed Putin, regime change could be a bitter pill for NATO. Atlantic.

The newspaper added, in its report on the most prominent scenarios for the coming period, in light of the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Bakhmut, that regardless of the statements that may come from Washington, the Russian government expects greater attacks on Russian lands – especially Moscow and perhaps Russian ports – to try to destabilize Putin’s government. .

The Pentagon says that no US weapons will be used against Russian territory, but this is an outright lie, as Ukraine uses US drones and cruise missiles like HIMARS, as well as cluster munitions provided by the US daily, targeting Russian territory.

As well as in the shadow of the Anglo-French storm (SCALP-EG). Both British and French high-precision cruise missiles are manufactured by MBDA (a consortium of French, British and Italian companies).

Nor can the United States properly explain why Global Hawk is spying on Russian soil, most likely to help Ukraine target Russian assets, both military and civilian.

The United States publicly admits that it planned and supplied Ukraine with semi-submersible kamikaze planes used against the Kerch Strait bridge connecting Crimea with Russia, making it an attack on Russia, and such operations are not overlooked by Moscow, which openly believes it is at war with the US-led NATO. .

And the chance of settling the war in Ukraine is not only remote but increasingly irrelevant if Washington’s war aims are what they seem.

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