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The President of the European Council warns against escalation after US strikes on Syria


European Council President Charles Michel renewed his warning of a regional escalation of the war between Israel and Gaza, in light of escalating tensions between the United States and Iran.

Michel said in Brussels: We all realize that the situation is very dangerous, for the region and for the world.

The United States carried out air strikes targeting two facilities linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in eastern Syria.

This came in a statement issued by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin yesterday, Thursday, following a series of drone and missile attacks against US forces in the region, according to the official Pentagon website.

Michel added that the European Union is trying hard to avoid “a regional escalation in light of the risk of Iran interfering directly or by proxy, which will make the situation more difficult.”

In a joint declaration on Thursday, European Union leaders called for holding an international peace conference in the coming months.

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