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The return of broadcasting to Lebanon’s official TV, after stopping for hours


On Friday, the Lebanese Minister of Information, Ziyad Al-Makari, announced the return of the official TV broadcast after it stopped for hours, against the background of the employees’ demands for their financial increases, which were suspended for 22 months.

In a statement, Al-Makari directed his “great thanks to the employees of Television Lebanon, members of the syndicate, and managers who restored the spirit of Al-Watan TV, and launched the wheel of work in it again.”

He said, “We pledged to follow all the steps that would guarantee the rights of TV Liban employees and work to restore its role, in everything that would protect and fortify Al-Watan station.”

Earlier today, the only official television in Lebanon stopped broadcasting its regular programs via satellite and terrestrial screen, in addition to the website.

The television employees carried out an open strike since last Thursday, which included a complete cessation of work, including news broadcasts, with only showing programs from the archives.

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