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The Russian-African summit.. What does Moscow want from the brown continent?


All eyes are on Russia, which will host the second Russian-African summit, from July 26 to 29 in St. Petersburg, after the leaders of 54 African countries were invited to it.
Dr. Tariq Fahmy, a professor of political science at Cairo University, said that the summit was well arranged by the Russian side, within the framework of several goals, the first of which is the opposition to American politics in areas of its positioning in different regions of the world, and as it is known that there is a southern corps affiliated with the American leadership, and the Russians are recording an impressive presence now in various regions, whether in Sudan, Libya and Syria, and they are also looking for a foothold in the Gulf.

Fahmy added to “Al-Dustour” that the summit also comes within the framework of an attempt to coordinate with China in Africa, and the Russians are moving through various arms such as security companies, and presenting a new aspect of quiet diplomacy, whether security or strategic.

He continued by saying: The summit also comes under the strong conditions of NATO to push Russia into the abyss, and besiege and encircle Moscow in various regions of the world.

And he went on: The Russians are trying to enter into a political bargaining game with the United States and China, and to ease the sanctions imposed on Moscow in one way or another, and there are goals related to the implementation of a multipolar world, to confront what is happening, amid the political fluidity that the world is experiencing.

He pointed out that the African countries will face the problem of the sanctions imposed on Russia, and may be subject to sanctions, but these countries have their calculations in the move, and do not look much at the American warnings in this context, and will search for its promising gains.

Regarding the ability of African countries to make a breakthrough in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Fahmy believes that there was a previous attempt by the group that visited the two countries, but it did not succeed, as did the idea of ​​other proposed initiatives.

He noted that the continent has links with Western countries and Russia, and the Ukrainian crisis is stronger than any other party, and only China will determine the system of political and strategic bartering, perhaps after we see a resolution of the Taiwan file and the South China Sea.

He concluded by saying: Africans are registering a presence in the world, and in any case, the Russian-African summit will define new frameworks and a new atmosphere in relations with Moscow, and different visions will be built on it later in the framework of its relations with Russia and other European countries.

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