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The Russian Embassy in Cairo: Moscow is ready to return to the “grain deal” as soon as the sanctions are lifted


The Russian embassy in Egypt said today, Friday, that Western politicians continue to play the role of “hypocrite” by accusing Russia of withdrawing from the Black Sea grain deal, stressing that Moscow was the only party that had been monitoring the full terms of the deal for a year.

The embassy added, in a statement, that it posted on its Facebook account: “Russia provided a security corridor from Ukrainian ports, while the West did not fulfill its promise to cancel the ban on exporting Russian agricultural products.”

And she continued, “Sending Russian food abroad continues to face difficulties due to US and European Union sanctions.”

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The West did not keep its promises

And she added, “Moreover, during the period of implementation of the aforementioned deal, Ukrainian grain went mainly to European countries in exchange for weapons that were sent to Kiev, and the neediest countries did not receive more than 3% of supplies.

And she added, “In addition, the ports of Ukraine have been converted into naval bases, and according to information available in the Internet and the media, ships departing from there under the umbrella of transporting agricultural goods were used to launch naval military equipment to strike Russian targets, including the Crimean Bridge.”

And the Russian embassy stressed that, under all the aforementioned circumstances, Russia is ready to return to the “grain deal” if NATO members, as they promised a year ago, lift the sanctions that prevent the export of our agricultural products to other continents.

And she continued: “In other words, its renewal depends entirely on the West, but Western countries so far do not want to allow Russian wheat, vegetable oil and fertilizers to go to countries that need them, and therefore the West deliberately provokes hunger.”

“So who uses food as a weapon?” she asked. Is it Russia, which is trying to provide countries in need with food, or is the West, which takes Ukrainian grain for itself and impedes the access of Russian products to the world market?

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