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The stock market gains 12.4 billion pounds in one week..and “real estate” is at the forefront of trading


The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices rose during the past week, and the market capitalization of the Egyptian Stock Exchange gained about 12.4 billion pounds during the sessions of the ending week, to close at a level of 1.180 trillion pounds.

Regarding the level of performance of the sectors, the real estate sector came in the lead with the most trades by 3.1%, followed by the transportation and shipping services sector by 2.9%, followed by the non-banking financial services, communications, media and information technology sectors by 2.5%, 2.4%, respectively, the services, industrial products and cars sector rose by 1.7%, and the trade and distributors sectors jumped, and food, beverages and tobacco sectors increased by 1.2%, 1.1%, respectively.

The paper and packaging materials, educational services, health care and medicines, and basic resources sectors also rose by 0.9%, 0.6%, 0.5%, and 0.4%, respectively, then the tourism and entertainment sector by 0.3%, and finally the banking sector by 0.1%, while the textiles and durable goods, contracting and engineering construction, and building materials sectors declined by 1.1%, 0.9%, and 0.6%, respectively.

The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, “EGX30”, rose by 1.36% to close at the level of 17578.67 points, during the week’s ending sessions. The index of small and medium stocks, “EGX70 of equal weights”, rose by 2.11%, to close at the level of 3500.48 points. “EGX 30 weight limiter” increased by 1.33%, to close at 21,354.23 points, and the Excellence index fell by 0.78%, to close at 5,422.65 points.

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