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The Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change meet with the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League


A delegation from the Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change met today, Tuesday, with Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, in the presence of Ambassador Zaid Al-Sabban, Director of the Sudan and Horn of Africa Department, at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, according to what was announced by the former Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi.

Al-Mahdi, a member of the Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change, explained in a post on her Twitter account that the meeting dealt with developments in the situation in Sudan in light of the continuation of the April 15 war and the accompanying humanitarian catastrophe, as the delegation reviewed the vision of the Forces for Freedom and Change – after their last meeting in Cairo. – On forming a broad civil front and mobilizing and coordinating international and regional efforts to stop the war in Sudan.

Al-Mahdi added, and the delegation stressed the importance of launching a comprehensive political process that addresses the causes of war, addresses its effects, and ensures sustainable peace and a democratic civil transformation, adding: “The delegation also discussed the deteriorating humanitarian conditions, especially the issues of refugees and stranded people.”

The university is keen on the unity and stability of Sudan

For his part, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League affirmed the League’s keenness on the unity and stability of Sudan and its readiness to make all efforts and cooperate with international and regional parties to make efforts to stop the war, address the humanitarian catastrophe, and return to the peaceful political path in order to establish a new phase that meets the aspirations and aspirations of the Sudanese people.

On Thursday, July 27, the Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change held an expanded meeting in the capital, Cairo, to build a complete vision to end the clashes in Sudan and establish and rebuild the state, as the first meeting held by the leaders of Freedom and Change and its institutions since the beginning of the clashes in mid-April.

In their closing statement, the forces announced their endorsement of the “political vision to end wars and establish the new Sudanese state,” stressing the need to “launch a political process leading to an immediate end to the war, and an effective response to resolve the humanitarian catastrophe that resulted from the war.”

And she urged the Sudanese army to persuade the “rapid support” to hand over its heavy weapons, demanding that the political process witness a broad participation of the Sudanese civil forces supporting a cessation of war and a comprehensive civil-democratic transition.

Capture freedom and change

Capture freedom and change

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