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The White House: We have received Iranian confirmation of the release of 5 American detainees


The White House announced today, Thursday, that negotiations with Iran are continuing to allow the Americans to leave Tehran, describing it as an encouraging Iranian step.

And the White House continued, in a statement, on monitoring the situation of the released Americans, noting that we had received confirmation that Iran had released 5 Americans and placed them under house arrest.

Earlier today, informed sources announced that Iran had released 4 American prisoners from Evin prison, noting that the American prisoners are still in Iran and are expected to be transferred to Muscat.

According to Al-Arabiya News, two Americans were released by Iran, Imad Sharqi, Murad Tahbaz, Simak Namazi and Munira Basir.

The Americans held in Iran have been placed under house arrest as part of a planned prisoner exchange if the proposed deal goes through, which would allow Tehran to use $6 billion in Iranian assets blocked under US sanctions to buy food, medicine or other humanitarian aid.

Five Americans imprisoned in Iran have been placed under house arrest in the first step of a planned prisoner exchange between Tehran and Washington, which will include the release of nearly $6 billion in Iranian government assets blocked under US sanctions, according to a lawyer for one of the prisoners.

If the proposed agreement is implemented, Iran would be allowed access to the funds only to purchase food, medicine or other humanitarian items in accordance with existing US sanctions against the country, and under the agreement the Qatar Central Bank would oversee the funds.

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