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Trump announces that he is threatened with 561 years in prison


Former US President Donald Trump said in a speech to his supporters that he faces about 561 years in prison in three criminal cases.

In a speech distributed at his campaign headquarters, Trump said: “Crooked Joe (Biden)’s corrupt Department of Justice has, once again, illegally brought charges against me. According to reports, I face a total of 561 years in prison as a result of a witch hunt declared by the left. That’s six lives. But A person who tries to send someone else to prison for six life terms shows everyone that he himself is afraid.”

He called on his supporters to join him in “speaking peacefully against America’s slide into tyranny.”

Trump offered to donate to his campaign, a common practice in American political rhetoric.

He added, “But if you are in financial trouble because of Crooked Joe’s politics, don’t even think about donating anything!”

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