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United States.. Unraveling the mystery of a 37-year-old murder in Texas


US police have arrested an 85-year-old man 37 years after he stabbed a 27-year-old woman to death in Texas.

Barbara Villarreal was found dead on November 7, 1986 in Garland, about 20 miles from Dallas, after she was stabbed several times, while a large kitchen knife was found near the crime scene.

And the American network “CBS News” quoted the state police, that the latter at that time interviewed her husband, and acquitted him, according to officials, as the husband did not have any children.

The police found DNA evidence at the scene and entered it into the United States National DNA Database CODIS, where officers worked with the FBI in the investigation over the years and traced leads in both Mexico and the United States, identifying Liborio Canales, who is now 85 years old, as a suspect, and they also found that he sometimes resides in a house in Lovington, New Mexico. Police said Canales was the victim’s brother-in-law.

Authorities said Canales had been in Mexico for most of the year, but crossed the border into New Mexico on Monday so he could celebrate his birthday with his family.

She confirmed that the suspect was arrested by officers from Lovington and Garland on Tuesday and is being held at the Lea County Detention Center on a federal murder warrant.

Canales admitted to the murder, telling investigators he was upset with Villarreal over a family argument, Garland Police said.

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