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Urgent | Surprise… disbursement of workers’ salaries to employees in the state in October 2023


The Ministry of Finance announced that the necessary financial funds have been made available to disburse the salaries of the current month of October with the new increase for state workers that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi had directed, and some administrative authorities have already been able to disburse accordingly.

The Ministry indicated in a statement that some other bodies did not have enough time to complete the administrative procedures necessary to disburse the new increase, which represents an additional 300 pounds in the exceptional cost of living allowance, and decided to disburse salaries on time without delay while completing the procedures for disbursing this increase in separate forms.

The Ministry of Finance advised all administrative authorities to immediately disburse the new increase for state workers, especially since the necessary financial allocations for this are available to them.

The Ministry of Finance added that follow-up is being conducted with financial officials in administrative agencies, to ensure that the new increase is disbursed to state workers.

The Ministry of Finance had given its instructions to the administrative authorities to disburse the new increases along with this month’s salaries, starting today, Monday, to state employees at various job levels, starting from the sixth grade up to the high and excellent grades.

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