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Urgent | The Electricity Holding Company: activating the load-reducing system from midnight on Saturday, July 22.. and the period of disconnection will not exceed one hour


The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company issued an important notice today, in which it clarifies the working hours of the load reduction program in order to preserve the citizens, which the Egyptian government announced since last week to implement it for the first time in 8 years due to the severe heat wave and the low gas pressure on the electrical network.

Statement of the Electricity Holding Company regarding the load reduction system

The “company” said in an important notice to citizens on its Facebook page, “The load reduction program will be implemented according to the capabilities required of each control, taking into account that the dismissal begins with a time period of 10 minutes before the hour and 10 minutes after it, and that the duration of the disconnection does not exceed one hour from the time of the power cut, asking citizens during the current period not to use elevators.

And the company indicated that the load reduction system is scheduled to be activated according to the previous rules, starting from midnight today, Saturday, July 22, 2023, and it has not specified a specific date for the end of this program, stressing that more details will be provided.

The government had announced that it had started a program to reduce the loads on the electrical grid last week as a result of the high consumption of electricity quantities with the increase in temperatures, which caused an increase in the demand for quantities of gas and caused a severe drop in the gas pressures connected to the electrical network, which was consequently reflected in a decrease in the quantities of electricity generated, and it was necessary to implement the load reduction program, stressing that this program was used for a temporary period until the network restored normal pressures.

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