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Urgent | The price of gold in Egypt today…the latest developments


Gold prices in Egypt are witnessing a wave of increases that began over the past two weeks, during which an increase of about 400 pounds was recorded for the price of 21 carat gold (the most common in Egypt).

Today, Wednesday, gold prices in Egypt recorded levels that the yellow metal had not reached for several months, coinciding with the flaming price of the dollar on the black market.

The highest price of gold in Egypt

18 caliber register 2271 pounds

21 caliber register 2650 pounds

24 karat record, 3028 pounds

The gold pound recorded 21,200 pounds

Global gold price

$1986 per ounce

Latest gold price update today

18 caliber record: 2237 pounds

21 caliber register 2610 pounds

24 caliber record: 2983 pounds

The record gold pound was 20,880 pounds

Global gold price💲

1981 dollars per ounce

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