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Urgent.. UNRWA: We received an Israeli threat to evacuate 5 schools near Baptist Hospital


The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) said on Friday that it had received a warning from the Israeli occupation forces to evacuate five schools “as soon as possible.”

Agence France-Presse reported that all schools are located in Gaza City, near the National Baptist Hospital in northern Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent said that it faces an “imminent threat” after the Israeli army ordered the evacuation of Al-Quds Hospital.

An UNRWA statement said: “We did everything we could to protest and reject this decision, but this means that from now on these facilities are no longer safe.”

Hamas urges UNRWA not to evacuate schools

The Hamas movement issued a statement a short while ago, demanding that UNRWA not yield to the threats of the Israeli occupation forces.

Hamas said in its statement: “We call on the administration of UNRWA not to give in to the Zionist threats that called on it to evacuate five schools, used as shelter centers for the displaced in Gaza City, and to continue carrying out its legal and moral duty to care for those displaced in those schools who have no place or shelter from the occupation’s aggression.” “Zionist.”

Threats to the Red Crescent

Earlier, the Palestinian Red Crescent said that its operations at Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City faced an “imminent threat” after the Israeli army ordered the hospital to be evacuated.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society published an “urgent appeal” on social media in which it said that the hospital “is a haven for more than 400 patients and about 12,000 displaced civilians.”

The Red Crescent statement added: “We call on the international community to take urgent action to avoid another disaster like Al-Ahli Hospital.”

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