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Urgent|(official proposal)..The Tobacco Division calls for cigarettes to be sold at national gas stations


Ibrahim Imbaby said Head of the General Division of Tobacco, Federation of IndustriesHe submitted a proposal to His Excellency the Attorney General to sell the seized cigarettes in the daily inspection campaigns carried out by the regulatory authorities at national gas stations at official prices.

This came in light of a severe crisis in the cigarette market in Egypt for the first time in years, due to the increase in selling prices to the consumer above the official price, and the disappearance of some items from the market despite the continued production rates of cigarettes by the four companies operating in the market.

Imbaby said in statements to “Al-Fajr”, “Indeed, we demanded, during our meetings with the government, that cigarettes be sold in outlets selling goods inside national gas stations, because they have branches spread all over the republic, and we will ensure that they are sold at the official prices announced by the companies, and they will not be withheld.” No quantities for consumers. ”

The Tobacco Division stated that the government, through the Ministry of the Interior, represented by the General Administration of Supply Investigation, carried out several campaigns to control cigarette markets during the last period, after pricing operations went off scale, and withheld them from the market.

“Embabi” added that these campaigns resulted in the seizure of large quantities of more than 200,000 packets of cigarettes stored with merchants, in many areas, including Al-Basateen, Bab Al-Bahr, Tanta and Alexandria.

“Imbaby” appreciated “the government’s role in the campaigns to inspect cigarette dealers, expecting this matter to restore stability to the market once again.”

For its part, the Eastern Tobacco Company promised to raise the volume of production in the local market, to increase the volume offered from 7 to 8 packs, with a commitment to sell them at the official price of 24 pounds for Cleopatra and Box cigarettes.

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