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Verratti prefers Al Hilal


Sources indicated that the French player Paris Saint-Germain, the Italian Marco Verratti, is more inclined to move to Al-Hilal, and prefers him over Al-Ahly’s offer, and indicated that the initial Al-Hilal offer amounted to 123 million riyals (30 million euros), and explained that what complicates the deal is Paris Saint-Germain’s desire to complete it. For a price ranging between 205 and 246 million riyals (50 and 60 million euros).

Currently, negotiations remain between the two clubs to fulfill Verratti’s desire, awaiting the green light from the Parisian club president.

It is noteworthy that Verratti is linked to a contract that expires in the summer of 2026, knowing that he joined Saint-Germain in 2012 from Pescara.

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