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Will Saudi Arabia succeed in ending the Russian-Ukrainian war?


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia intends to hold peace talks on Ukraine in Jeddah in the coming days, in the presence of representatives of about 30 countries, without the participation of Russia. According to Western media, Saudi Arabia is preparing to host these talks between Western countries, Ukraine and major developing countries, including India and Brazil.

Saudi writer and researcher Imad Al-Mudayfer said that these talks come at a time when the parties to the conflict have entered a stage that may make them more realistic, especially in light of the unlimited Western support for Ukraine, which is led, of course, by the United States and NATO countries, and this Saudi hosting of peace talks on Ukraine also comes. As a clear indication of the extent of Saudi influence on the international arena and an emphasis on the Kingdom’s role in establishing peace.

Al-Mudaifer added to “Al-Dustour” that these factors, with the presence of officials from 30 countries to participate, including representatives of the BRICS countries, Russia’s allies such as China and India, in addition to representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the European Union, and with special Russian interest and follow-up make it expected that this will be Saudi hosting played a positive role in the success of these talks.

He pointed out that, according to the available information, the talks will take the form of a political round table, meaning that sponsorship will be broad, and multiple international parties will participate in it, except that Riyadh will play the role of facilitator in Jeddah, between great powers and warring against an old historical enmity, in the most accurate file. military in our current time, and it has major repercussions on international peace and security and on food security and the global economy.

Al-Mudayfer continued, saying: “No one can predict what is related to ending the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, especially since the complex and overlapping interests, the destruction that has occurred, the pressures of the allies, the agendas of the beneficiaries of the war, the ideological dreams, the military industries of all parties, and the strong and flowing emotions all affect any peaceful negotiation.”

He noted that the biggest challenge facing Saudi Arabia is because it has crossed the international barrier of trust with Russia, China, Ukraine and the European Union, and most importantly, it has imposed positive recognition of its international role on the United States, whose administration has moved from the stage of criticism to the stage of searching for a new bridge based on a major strategic cooperation agreement.

For his part, Saudi writer and political analyst Ali Al-Hazmi said that the year 2023 is one of the difficult years that international institutions have talked about in terms of low growth rates, high inflation, global debt levels and food security, and all geopolitical risks necessitate sitting at one table. In order to stop this war, which has come to nothing but Russia and Ukraine alone, but it has exhausted the countries of the world, whether they have direct or indirect interference in this war.

Al-Hazmi added to “Al-Dustour” that the Kingdom does not have pressure cards on the parties to the conflict, but it is a neutral country capable of making global peace, and Russia will not accept European or American mediation because it considers the Western camp a party to the war, and when we look at the G-20 countries that are important players in the war, Global economy and politics We find that only the Kingdom is capable of making peace, in light of the United States’ reservations that a country like China should be a sponsor of world peace.

He continued by saying: Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries accepted to be a party to peace and stopping this war, and the Kingdom played an important role months ago in the process of liberating and exchanging hostages between Russia and Ukraine, and the presence of 30 countries on Saudi soil will produce good results because the Kingdom did not ask for the summit to be held. Unless it has indications of the ability to break through the crisis.

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